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25 More Prisoners Released – PNG

Thank the Lord. Just received information that 25 more prisoners have been released due to good behavior resulting from our mission outreach. Thank the Lord. Also, we have now been granted access to (2) new prisons to conduct services in. This is huge. Please pray for this work and if God puts it on your heart and you would like to help support this work, please contact us. Love you all.

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President of SSBGMI Pakistan – Faheem Qaiser

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest member of the mission. Faheem Qaiser is now the President of SSBGMI Pakistan. Please pray for Faheem while he works in ministering to the people of Pakistan. Pray that God will protect him and his family and to give him the wisdom to reach many souls for Christ. If God so leads you, please support him and his work. His contact information is below:

Name:                  Faheem Qaiser.

Address:              Mubarikabad Colony, Near Railway Gates, Toba Tek Singh, 36050, Punjab, Pakistan.

Cell Phone: 0092-333-7729644.

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Thank the Lord. SSBGMI is now in Pakistan. A miracle has taken place where we now have the opportunity to help spread the message of Jesus Christ in Pakistan. Soon we will provide more information on this very exciting work. Please stay tuned. As always, we could use your help and support in this very important work. More soon. As always, thank you for all your prayers and support. Can’t wait to see how God blesses all the people connected with the mission organization. Love you all.

Pakistan Flag.
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Report From The Bomana Prison

Due to their behaviour and good conduct, 23 out of the MSU got realised on parole bases this month. Another 28 last year. A total of 51 marched out praising God. We can’t thank God enough for what going on in Prison the Camp. I take this time to thank those individuals who have participated in this men life’s. They will now exercise their freedom with Jesus. Glory to God.

Thank the Lord! Remember if you want to help, please contact us to support this mission. We will use your contributions and gifts extremely carefully and prayerfully. Love you all.


Daily Charles Spurgeon- Indonesian

Trust Means Joy
“Karena hati kita bersukacita karena Dia, karena kita percaya kepada Nama Kudus-Nya” (Mazmur 33:21).
Akar iman menghasilkan bunga sukacita hati. Kita mungkin tidak pada awalnya bersukacita, tetapi itu tiba pada waktunya. Kami percaya kepada Tuhan ketika kami sedih, dan pada musim yang tepat Ia menjawab keyakinan kami bahwa iman kami membuahkan hasil, dan kami bersukacita dalam TUHAN. Keraguan menimbulkan kesusahan, tetapi kepercayaan berarti sukacita dalam jangka panjang.

Kepastian yang diungkapkan oleh pemazmur dalam ayat ini benar-benar sebuah janji yang diberikan di tangan kepercayaan suci. Oh, mohon rahmat untuk menerimanya. Jika kita tidak bersukacita saat ini, namun kita akan melakukannya, sama pastinya dengan Allah Daud adalah Allah kita.

Marilah kita merenungkan nama suci TUHAN agar kita dapat mempercayai Dia lebih baik dan lebih bersukacita. Ia memiliki karakter suci, adil, benar, ramah, setia, dan tidak berubah. Bukankah Tuhan seperti itu bisa dipercaya? Dia semua bijaksana, maha kuasa, dan di mana-mana hadir; tidak bisakah kita bersandar dengan riang kepada-Nya? Ya, kami akan melakukannya sekaligus dan melakukannya tanpa cadangan. Yehuwa-Jireh akan menyediakan; Yehuwa-Shalom akan mengirimkan kedamaian; Yehuwa-Tsidkenu akan membenarkan; Yehuwa-Shammah akan selamanya dekat; dan dalam Yehuwa-Nissi kita akan menaklukkan setiap musuh. Mereka yang tahu nama-Mu akan percaya kepadamu; dan mereka yang percaya kepada-Mu akan bersukacita dalam Engkau, ya TUHAN.


Coronavirus Update

During these Coronavirus days, everybody is giving their opinions and thoughts and ideas. Many, if not all of these writings and musings are from individuals who have NO idea of policy, science, etc. The sad part is that many Christians are acting like they know all the answers. They do not. Remember, God knows everything about this virus. He Has EVERYTHING under control. And to the Christians, we are told to obey. Even if we don‘t enjoy it, we are to be an example to those around us. Instead of giving our “expert opinions” let’s focus on God and be good examples to others. Remember, Psalm 46:10 “Be Still And Know I Am God;”.

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Nice Feature To Get ALL New Updates Directly To Your Email

There is a great feature that allows ALL New posts to our website directly to your email. To sign up for this, go to the bottom of the webpage and select the +follow button. You enter your email address and then you will automatically get any new posts to the website directly to your email. Great way to stay on top of the many, many things happening with this mission organization. Thank you in advance.

2018 Earthquake - PNG

EMERGENCY: Deadly Earthquake In PNG

Reports are coming in of a massive earthquake which has occurred in Papua New Guinea. Hundreds of people have died and there is massive damage to the infrastructure. Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for these people. We will be providing support to them at this time, so if God leads it upon your heart to help please contact us. Here are some pictures of the devistation (I have excluded some terrible pictures).

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First Mission Organization EVER in PNG Prisons

Just thought I’d share an exciting news flash.

We have been told that Sinners Saved By Grace Ministries is the first organization to ever distribute food and supplies to prisoners in the history of the country. Isn’t God wonderful. We didn’t set out to do this; we just answered the call and commands of Jesus to help our fellow man. Praise the Lord. Please pray for these men and that God will reach their hearts. Also, if you would like to be part of this vital ministry, just be obedient to God and He will tell you how He wants you to help us. Praise the Lord.

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We Need Your Help

Many, many good things are happening with our mission organization. We need your support in any way God leads you. But most of all, pray, pray, pray. Pray that God will convict the hearts of those around the mission and bring them to Jesus. Money has been sent to help feed the prisoners and to buy pipe for the fish ponds to feed the local population. Pray for these endeavors.

Fish Pond Projects

Fish Pond Progress

One of the items of interest for the SSBGMI is to help countries as well as our missions to be self sustainable. One direction that we have taken is to construct fish ponds in which we can raise fish both to consume as well as provide funding for our causes. I am very happy to report that men in one of the villages have dug (3) 20 By 70 foot fish ponds and are presently working on more. Please note, this is done by hand and spade. WOW. Please pray for these men and the projects they are working on. If God so desires to help us in anyway (glasses, prayer, tents, funds,etc.) please feel free to contact us. Photos of this project coming soon.

Youth and Orphanage Efforts

Youth And Orphanage Ministry

Youth are the future of the church and we desire to give them every opportunity to come to the Lord and to faithfully serve Him for their entire lives. We are looking to teach them the Bible, trades, manners and many other skills to ensure they are good ambassadors for Jesus and His work. We would also like to set up programs to help the orphans in PNG. The Bible specifically states this as a mission for his followers and we endeavor to stay true to His Word and commands. Please pray for this very important element of our ministry.




Book Ministry

Book Ministry

This is one of our most pivotal ministries. Many of the Bible Colleges in Papua New Guinea don’t have any books in which to teach their students. We have started distributing lesson books to these colleges so the students could be probably educated. These future pastors and leaders will greatly benefit from these books. Please pray for this endeavor.

Health and Humanitarian Efforts

Eyeglasses Needed

Do you have old glasses around the house that you don’t need anymore? Feel like doing something worthwhile? There is a great need for eyeglasses in our work in Papua New Guinea. Many of the people in this country need glasses but can’t afford them. Therefore if you so desire, please mail your old glasses to our organization and we will get them over to the people in need. This is another area of ministry to our fellow friends and family over the sea. Thank you in advance.