Book Ministry

Book Ministry

This is one of our most pivotal ministries. Many of the Bible Colleges in Papua New Guinea don’t have any books in which to teach their students. We have started distributing lesson books to these colleges so the students could be probably educated. These future pastors and leaders will greatly benefit from these books. Please pray for this endeavor.

3 thoughts on “Book Ministry”

  1. The Christian Text Books are ready to be used in the Bible Colleges In Papua New Guinea. They are all printed out accordingly as per their request. Schools in P.N.G are now on three months break. Classes will be resume on the second week of February this year. For the Bible college students , this will be their first time for them to own a text book rather than reams of handouts. Help us pray in this situation that God will send more students to Bible colleges there and others around the world.


  2. It was my pleasure talking to different president of those Bible Colleges. They really appreciated me and the ministry for reaching them. I was suppose to walk to some of these places but thankfully the Lord spoke to a heathen guy in my province to help me with a ride. He said , ” If you work for someone else ,I could not help you ,but you work for the Lord so I”m helping you” Honestly ,I never had one single time talking to him or even knew him but he just showed up . Please pray for him that the Lord can save his soul. Jason is his name.


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