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Looking To Purchase 2 Large Tents For PNG

Due to the large gatherings of people to our services in PNG, we are looking to either receive or purchase 2 large tents for the missions use. Please keep this in prayer for God to supply this need. Thank God for the miracles He has already accomplished in such a short time. We are truly grateful to God and praise Him for all He has done and what is yet to come.



1 thought on “Looking To Purchase 2 Large Tents For PNG”

  1. From Simon, President of Papua New Guinea Operations:

    This is a very needy thing for the Church Conventions and gatherings in Papua New Guinea. Mega Tents are very rare over there. Therefore, It is very expensive to rent a tent for a religious gathering .

    The country does not have enough large buildings for the people to gather together during special occasions. But because of the tropical weather ,people over there are very much enjoying the out door services in large tents. Tents do provide best and an affordable accommodations for them during the night as well
    whenever there is a religious gathering. They surely loved them.

    Therefore , We the Sinners Saved by Grace Ministries want to provide two large tents that will be for the Christians over there. One will be for the people of the Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea, and the other one will be for the people down in the Coastal Region of Papua New Guinea.

    The country is entire Christian. Souls are getting saved everyday. New churches are in plant. Moreover, evangelicals and main line churches are taking the lead in every corners of the little Island country evangelizing. The S.S.B.G.M.I. is one of them that is taking part in this revival. So please, If God put something in your heart to give to this project you are more than welcome to give. And if you feel like praying for this project ,you are welcome to do so. We will highly value your time and gifts invested in this . Thank you so much in advance. May our good Lord bless us all.


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