Organization Notes


Hello to all. Just a plea to pray for God’s help in our ministry and to all the people who are benefiting from the different programs. There are so many needs and we just need prayer warriors to hold up God’s work. Thank you in advance of all your efforts.

1 thought on “PRAY PRAY PRAY”

  1. We could really use your prayers at this time. After three weeks of launching the ministry,things began to happen. There were 208 young people got a call to go to the Bible Colleges in Papua New Guinea in one of the recent camp meeting put together by Papua New Guinea Bible Church. That means, we need to print more text books for this students. Not only that but, we also want you to pray about the orphanage and the prison ministry. They really need a special touch from the Lord physically and spiritually. God never gets tired of hearing and answering our prayers. He says, “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not”. (Jer 33:3)!


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