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Thank the Lord. SSBGMI is now in Pakistan. A miracle has taken place where we now have the opportunity to help spread the message of Jesus Christ in Pakistan. Soon we will provide more information on this very exciting work. Please stay tuned. As always, we could use your help and support in this very important work. More soon. As always, thank you for all your prayers and support. Can’t wait to see how God blesses all the people connected with the mission organization. Love you all.

Pakistan Flag.

Coronavirus Update

During these Coronavirus days, everybody is giving their opinions and thoughts and ideas. Many, if not all of these writings and musings are from individuals who have NO idea of policy, science, etc. The sad part is that many Christians are acting like they know all the answers. They do not. Remember, God knows everything about this virus. He Has EVERYTHING under control. And to the Christians, we are told to obey. Even if we don‘t enjoy it, we are to be an example to those around us. Instead of giving our “expert opinions” let’s focus on God and be good examples to others. Remember, Psalm 46:10 “Be Still And Know I Am God;”.